Sir Bobby Robson School

School to Home Communication

Communicating with our parents and carers is such an essential and important part of what we do. It is essential that parents and school work together to ensure every young person makes the most of their time with us.

Parents and carers can access all of our news posts, term dates and forthcoming events from the navigation bar at the top of each page on this website.

Please see the communication tools we use at our school to enable the smooth and safe transference of information between school and home.

If you have any issues accessing these tools please contact the School Office.

School Platforms


Arbor enables parents and carers to pay for school meals, trips and activities as well as provide the main communication portal between school and home. When your child starts at Sir Bobby Robson School you will receive communication with ParentMail account activation details.


At Sir Bobby Robson School we use Go 4 Schools to record  behaviour, attendance, homework details and attainment information. 

Logging on to Go4Schools:

To log on to Go4Schools go to:

If you have not yet registered, you will need to log on as a first time user. Type in your email address that is registered with the school (e.g. and request a password. 

You will receive a password to your registered email account (eg your Gmail account), after which you can use your registered email and newly supplied password to log on to the Go4Schools parent site. You can then change your password to something more memorable using the ‘My Settings’ section of the website.

You will only be able to see information relating to your child(ren). If you have not registered your email address with Sir Bobby Robson School, you will not be able to log on to the website.

We also use the Go4Schools app which is available to students and parents.  This will not work, however, until the initial set up has taken place on the Go4Schools website.