Sir Bobby Robson School

Timings of the School Day

08:30 – 08:55Wellbeing Start (inc Registration)
08:55 – 09:40Period 1
09:40 – 10:25Period 2
10:25 – 10:40Break
10:40 – 11:25Period 3
11:25 – 12:10Period 4
12:10 – 13:00Lunch
13:10 – 13:25Afternoon Registration/Assembly
13:25 – 14:10Period 5
14:10 – 14:55Period 6 – Reflect & Connect

Our school day has been carefully crafted and reflected upon over our opening period as a new school. As we have developed and moved past our initial delayed transition to our building and managed Covid 19, we now have a school day which is co-constructed between leadership and pupils voice, to ensure we are able to maximise learning time, whilst providing timely and responsive well being and specialist intervention and support.

Wellbeing Start

The start to the school day is vital to ensure we are able to set our pupils up to be successful learners. With this in mind, we have considered the travel needs and SEMH needs of our pupils to create what we call the “Wellbeing Start” This is the opening part of each school day and allows our pupils time to settle upon arrival. Pupils have a number of options in this time and it is used to support regulation and preparation for the day ahead. Pupils can register and organise their lunches, as well as then choose from having “check in” with each other and key adults, join our breakfast club or take part in a sensory/physical activity.

Each part of the Wellbeing Start has been designed from reflection and pupil voice, to ensure each pupil is in the best possible place to begin learning each day.

Break and Lunchtime

Pupils have a number of options available to them at break time and lunchtime, and lunchtime is when we run many of our enrichment clubs to ensure all pupils can access them should they wish to. During these times, pupils have access to the “Lounge”, where they can sit and chat with friends, or they can access the sports hall or the games arena outside and take part in a variety of sporting activities. Other activities on offer over the week include:

Chess Club

IT Club

Drama Club

Music Club

Chat Room

Dungeons and Dragons Club

We are always happy to add more when our pupils have ideas or interests we can support.

Reflect and Connect

Lesson 6 each day has been named “Reflect and Connect” in order to provide pupils with important form time with their form tutors and form group. This time is used daily to deliver PSHE lessons, as well as have time to talk about any issues or things that have been happening across the day. This time is also vital to support our form tutors in building a strong and trusting rapport with pupils, which then in turn means strong daily communication with parents and carers can be developed. We use Class Dojo to directly communicate with our families, but we also are available to call and over email.

Friday Afternoon Enrichment

Our pupils take part in enrichment on a Friday afternoon during lessons 5 and 6. This time is viewed as a vitally important part of our school week, as it not only provides motivation for pupils throughout the week, but it also allows us to offer a wide range of activities and experiences in this time. This time is also crucial for relationship and friendship building, as well as supporting life skills and personal development in a “low threat” context.