Sir Bobby Robson School

School Council

Pupil voice is incredibly important to us at Sir Bobby Robson School. For many of our pupils, the opportunity to be heard and shape their own school really helps to create a sense of identity and ownership of a place that is really their own, often after many previously failed placements.

Our School Council is developing into powerful tool for student voice to be heard and really encourages and upholds our SMSC work around upholding the values of British democracy. Pupils are nominated from their forms and make up the council, which meets regularly to discuss a variety of school topics and issues.

At present, Mrs Vicky How leads our council who meet weekly, and the members are working on helping us to develop our outdoor learning spaces by supporting the design phase of the new areas we are looking to build. They have supported us to develop our whole school rewards system and they also came up with idea for the names of our three school teams, Air, Fire and Water.

They have also supported us to complete our first pupil voice survey and we are looking forward to seeing all this council can achieve as we continue to develop and grow as a school.