Sir Bobby Robson School

Vision & Values

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Together We Can. Sir Bobby Robson School is a safe, stable, caring and positive environment dedicated to supporting individual needs. With high aspirations and high standards of education and care for all, pupils feel safe and secure to reach their full potential and move successfully on into the world.

Our Aims

  1. To provide a relevant, broad and balanced education for every child.
  2. To create a culture of achievement, by stimulating a desire to learn, raising aspirations, opening up on a wide range of opportunities and working towards external accreditation for our pupils.
  3. To promote health, well-being, happiness, enjoyment, and independence in a stimulating, yet safe, secure and caring environment.
  4. To promote self-worth and enthusiasm by encouraging independent learning at all age levels.
  5. To value and respect individuals, recognising their strengths, encouraging them to develop their abilities, and helping them show positive attitudes towards others.
  6. To promote social interaction through developing communication, language and literacy and reducing anxiety and unnecessary stress.
  7. To prepare our pupils for the challenges and opportunities of a complex and technologically advanced society through creative, innovative and motivational approaches to teaching and learning.

Our Values

Create nurturing, challenging and empowering learning opportunities for children, staff and parents 

Offer a broad, balanced curriculum that is relevant and accessible for all children

Celebrate the achievements and successes of each individual

Ensure everyone has a voice and their contribution is valued

Secure the accountability of all through distributive leadership, rigorous monitoring and evaluation

Improve future performance through the continuous evaluation of our practice

Think outside the box and try new ideas to continuously raise standards

Foster positive working relationships with parents, multi-agency professionals and the local community

Promote tolerance and respect for individual differences, abilities, needs and beliefs

Create a safe, caring environment in which everyone is healthy, happy and ready to learn

Equip children and families with the knowledge, skills, independence and resilience to face future challenges